RotoHybrid recently attended and spoke at the ERA Paper and the ERA Environment, Health and Safety Commissions meeting in Würzburg, Germany

In addition to RotoHybrid giving an update on its Hybrid Chrome Replacement technology which will bring to market in 2018 a viable gravure cylinder technology without the use of chromium, additional presentations were given on all matters relevant to health, safety, the environment and legislation governing the gravure industry.

The impact of classification of titanium dioxide (TiO2) was presented by Dr. Ingo Gronde, Technocell Dekor, with the ERA’s own Josef Bernard presenting on the developments in the field of Environment, Health and Safety, and an update Authorization of CrO3.

The RotoHybrid team have begun an extensive program of testing and we will be releasing data of the chrome replacement technology in both pre-press and on-press environments in the coming months.

Technology Trials

In early 2018 RotoHybrid will be conducting a series of technology trials with a wider group of parties interested in using the RotoHybrid process, namely a system whereby a polymer based build up gravure cylinder and a chrome free cylinder coating are combined in a streamlined, cost effective process that is both technically and environmentally superior to existing gravure cylinder processes.

To participate in a technology trial please email for more details