2016 was an active year which saw the introduction of the Roto-Hybrid ProcessĀ® to allow the simultaenous development of complementary gravure and gravure cylinder technologies to better address the current and future needs of various gravure markets over and above the innovative Hybrid Cylinder.

The Roto-Hybrid Process is the culmination of several years of research and development, and the next step in our mission to bring about a better, quicker and cheaper gravure printing process.

The Green Gravure project enables a quicker route to introduce to the market, a more widened Hybrid Cylinder manufacturing process to facilitate longer face lengths and larger diameters for both new and redundant bases with more varied shaft configurations when applying our novel build-up technology to repurpose redundant gravure cylinder stocks.

Chrome Replacement

Whilst there are uncertain times ahead in respect of how far, how quickly and with what cost implications there will be to the widely anticipated restrictions (or even a ban) in the use of Chromium VI by the European Chemicals Agency, the Roto-Hybrid team have brought about a program of research and development to introduce a viable alternative to using Chromium VI in gravure which it has incorporated into the Green Gravure project.

Irrespective of the regulatory actions in the short and medium term the Roto-Hybrid team’s aim is to offer the industry a replacement cylinder coating technology that offers better performance over and above the use of chromium.

To this end Roto-Hybrid are pleased to announce that we have received European Commission funding to accelerate our ground breaking technology reaching the market in 2018.