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Why Change to Roto Hybrid Technology?

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Ecologically friendly / non-toxic process:

Eliminates toxic Sodium Dichromate, used in the manufacture of products that are used in the Gravure cylinder

or Ceramic Anilox making process


(European Chemical Agency) restrictions

Investment for today and tomorrow

Minimize corporate exposure


Chemically Inert:


Barrier of protection

Does not react to acidic / aggressive inks, coatings and cleaners

Continuous coating and not subject to micro-cracks or porosity that allow migration pathways through chrome or ceramic

EC H2020 Project Funded 

Various Technologies benefited from a European Commision R&D Grant Funding


Better for the Environment


Industrial Sectors

Servicing Print and Embossing Customers in Diverse Sectors

DLC Anilox Revolution 

Spectra Coating for Optical Microstructure R2R Micro Embossing Cylinders

Bank Note Printing Technology


Coating & Lamination Rollers. Offset-Gravure Pharma and Confectionery Printing

Example Applications

Black Diamond Anilox Rollers, DLC Anilox,  Anilox Rollers, Anilox Sleeves, Flexo Anilox, Gravure Coating Rollers. Spectra Microstructure technology.  Spectra Optical Rollers. No Ceramic. Roto Hybrid Advanced

What Our Customers Report 

Black Diamond

Our structures remain clear and sharp-edged in all areas after coating. The DLC coating shortens our roll procurement process because we receive the wear protection and non-stick layer in one step."

Spectra Customer

"Greater transfer, easy clean"

Black Diamond Coating roller Customer


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