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It is Time to Change to Spectra Coating for Optical Cylinders

Spectra for Optical Microstructure R2R Micro Embossing

Roto Hybrid deposit a thin film of Spectra carbon, bonded amorphously to the Optical Microstructure cylinder through vacuum vapour deposition

The hydrophobic surface of DLC significantly reduces resin drying in, compared to Nickel or Chrome surfaces


Minimizing Micro Embossing Line stoppages for roller cleaning

Significantly increases micro embossing cylinder or shim life 


Micro-Lens, Refractive elements, Hologram, Security documentation and nickel shim replacements


Improved replication of microstructures due to surface homogeneity


Hard-slick surface releases the resin cleanly for:

- Longer run times without resin dry-in

- Extends cylinder life due to increased hardness

   & lower friction


RH offers the coating service or engraving/coating


Spectra Coating will significantly extend the service life of these specialised seamless rollers

DLC can be alloyed with other elements to influence the surface properties

Ecologically friendly / non-toxic process

Spectra can enable the switch from Nickel Shim to seamless roller, by extending the service life and therefore improving the economic case of rollers

Homogenous Spectra Coating

Coating thickness per customer application  

(0.3 to 1.2μm, typically 0.8μm


DLC follows surface topography since it bonds amorphously


Profile is effectively 100% preserved

Nano Scale Feature Replication

How PECVD Spectra Works?

In order to be able to deposit our DLC high-performance layers with high quality, we use the most modern vacuum and plasma equipment. Our own developments ensure that, in addition to achieving high deposition rates, the process is stabilized in such a way that the coating result is largely independent of the degree of loading and stress on our systems. The result is consistently high layer quality combined with excellent process stability.

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD; often also referred to as plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition PACVD) is a special form of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). ), in which the chemical deposition rate is additionally increased by plasma excitation of the reaction gas mixture, its reactivity - with simultaneous reduction of the deposition temperature to values ​​of max. approx. 100 °C. An additional process component required for the production of DLC is the continuous bombardment of the growing DLC ​​layer with energetic plasma ions.

Perfect replication of Micro Lens Array

holgram overlay test.png

Spectra Coating of your supplied optical Rollers:

Spectra coating provides technical & economical benefits to your supplied Diamond CNC engraved rollers, in areas such as; Display Optical, Micro-Lens Array, Light Management, Radial or Linear Fresnel Rolls, Solar Concentrator, Diffractive Film and Light guide Film.

Roto Hybrid Engraved & Spectra Coated:

Complete Roto Hybrid supplied Laser Engraved Roller and Coating with Spectra DLC


  • Hemispherical Micro-Lens Array

  • Hex Micro-Lens Array

  • Optical Effects

Spectra 6_edited.png
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