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We Are Roto Hybrid Advanced

Diamond like Carbon Technologies for Printing and Embossing

A Better Tomorrow

We redefine printing and embossing principles, empower companies to explore the unknown, envision new possibilities and make ecological decisions.

We manufacture DLC coated rollers & sleeves for the Global Print & Emboss suppliers


The homogenous process enables the highest degree of technical feature replication.

Roto Hybrid Spectra coating for R2R UV Microstructure & Hologram.


Black Diamond Anilox Rolls & Sleeves for Flexo & Corrugating


Black Diamond Coating & Lamination rollers for Gravure & Flexo

Superior quality printing & sustainability for Currency printing image carriers, such as Gravure cylinders or Intaglio plates, removing the toxic Chrome process.


Advanced Printed Electronics cylinders

DLC Specialist Surfaces

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